About The Trainer

Pang, Jeng Min (JM) is a consultant/trainer, and the founder of Productivity Academy.

Once labelled 'slow and incompetent', JM had struggled at work. He had participated in countless training and workshops yet could not find a good solution to the fundamental problem of being unproductive. He was unmotivated, depressed and disappointed over his performance because he believe he can achieve more.


JM continued to seek for a better solution. With his deep interest on how humans behave, he has systematized the past productivity methodologies with practicality.

This is presented as the GcPARTM, a simple yet complete life management system. To field test the system, JM worked as an engineer for a Fortune-500 company, while:

  • Writing motivational books;
  • Working as a part-time real estate agent;
  • Taking up Business Administration night-time study (5 days a week); and
  • Keeping himself physically active as an martial art instructor, teaching 6 classes a week.

Yes, all of the above activities were running at the same time while maintaining a healthy relationship with family and love ones.

JM is passionate about the findings and hope to reach out to as many people as he can. He believes that if he could be successful during his time in the corporate and entrepreneur worlds, the same workflow could help others and change lives for the better. His life purpose is,

"Make connections, touch hearts and change lives for the better."

JM holds a 3rd Degree Aikido black belt, and certified in German-Malaysian Institute - HRDF trainer. He currently resides in a beautiful island of Malaysia - Penang.

“Retirement does not mean no more early alarm bells, no more meetings, no more deadlines and spending my entire day wondering what to do with all the time that I have. I see it as a life free from financial stress, a life filled with purpose and passion.”

- JM Pang, author of “Retired 30 Years Ahead of Schedule: From Unmotivated to Unstoppable”

So, if GcPARTM could transform an unmotivated guy to obtain such significant achievement, imagine what could it do for you?