Productivity = 生产力, 効率 (Jpn:Kōritsu / Chi: Xiàolǜ) = Produktiviti / Kecekapan

Productivity Academy provides solutions to the
above issues. Our aim is to upgrade personal productivity at work, and at home.

Our mission is to enable you to:

 "Enjoy the game of work. Own the story of life."

Courses are designed to address the following areas:
  • Time/life management
  • Task or workload management
  • Stress reduction
  • Goal achievement
  • Achieve balance and happiness

Find out how do we set you free here.

Benefits to the individual

+ Turn workplace 'battlefield' into your 'playground'.
+ Stay productive at work, and at home.
+ Effective time management skill
+ Maintain work-life balance; minimize stress.
+ Set and achieve goals.

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Impact to the organization

+ Tap into employee's full potential.
+ Cultivate productive and enjoyable working environment.
+ Effective team members for project execution and idea contribution.
+ More confident and predictable project progress.
+ Employee retention.

and more...